Soalan Topikal

Form 4 Topical Exercise  :

1.   Functions
2.   Quadratic Equations
3.   Quadratic Functions
4.   Simultaneous Equations
5.   Indices and Logarithms
6.   Coordinate Geometry
7.   Statistics
8.   Circular Measures
9.   Differentiation
10. Solution of Triangles
11. Index Number


Form 5 Topical Exercise:

1.   Progressions
2.   Linear Law
3.   Integration
4.   Vectors
5.   Trigonometric Functions
6.   Permutations and Combinations
7.   Probability
8.   Probabality Distributions
9.   Motion Along A Straight Line
10. Linear Programming

  1. Nur aqilah alias

    Salam, Cikgu rainul. Boleh tidak saya email soalan kepada cikgu? Memandangkan soalan tu terdapat gambar rajah.

  2. tqvm…dapat banyak bahan melalui blog ini.. tq again

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