Add Maths Project Work 2010

To 5 Makmur and 5 Tertib,

Please refer to ‘Project Work 2010’ page in this blog for your Add Maths project work.  Thank you.



Posted on June 1, 2010, in Matematik Tambahan. Bookmark the permalink. 12 Comments.

  1. teacher, I can’t download the file for the project work.

  2. sir i cant download the files…

  3. Alright! I’ve managed to download it already! Thanks, teacher!!

  4. sir task 1 tajuk nya ape??
    adakah polygons atau circles??

    • Kedua-duanya tak berapa sesuai. Pilih tajuk yang berkaitan seperti Pintu Gerbang, Galeri Seni atau seumpamanya :-).

  5. design and construction ke sir??

  6. oke thanks..=)

  7. sir, did you put down the soalan for the project ka? I wanted to re-download it bout it said “page not found” :O

    • I have deleted the page. Actually, the question was given in class too … before the holiday. Anyway, I still have a few copies at school.

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