Selamat Berjuang!



Berikanlah yang terbaik dan berjuanglah dengan penuh semangat dan kesungguhan.   Jangan mengaku kalah.  Teruslah melangkah sehingga ke penghujungnya. Tidak ada yang mustahil.  Doa cikgu sentiasa mengiringi perjuangan anda.


Semoga berjaya dan memperoleh keputusan yang diharapkan.




Posted on November 17, 2009, in Umum. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. salam..tq ckg..doakan jgak kejayaan kami di dunia dan akhirat.amin..

  2. i juz wud like to pledge all my thnxs to u tchr.
    without u, i wudnt be standing this tall.
    n i think i did pretty well for my admaths papers
    so, i guess dats a gud news rite
    i tout i will b feeling so nervous like i usualy did every exam at skwl
    but then to my suprise, i can actually tackled most of the questions.
    i only left 1 question blank in paper 2.
    hehe. n dats only for 2 mrks. fiuh. =)
    i even managed to complete paper 1 in 1hr30mins.
    so, i had 30mins to do some recheck which i found out a mistake n corrected it.
    so, im juz feeling grateful to have u as my admaths tchr.
    it certainly has been such a wonderful journey wif u. =)

    • Yeah! Nicole rules :D. I know you will deliver this time :-). You are always consistent with your marks. Good on you, Nicole.

      • haha! crdt for tchr! =)
        form 5 was abit shaky, form 4 was better.
        n tq for believin’ in me..
        after spm, i wud like to ask for tchr’s opinions n discuss bout it
        mayb i wil msg tchr or thru yahoo messenger
        smthing to do wif my future
        i need some guidance so i will b able to choose d best career for me.
        i hope tchr cn give out some ideas since tchr has experienced especially overseas education
        thnx again for everything!
        Have a nice day~

      • Okay, no problem, Nicole. Have a nice day too 😉

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