Well Done, 5 Makmur!

Well done, 5 Makmur! 

Your Additional Mathematics Excel result is considerable good.  71% have passed the examination and they are (unofficial result) :

1.   Azrina Hj. Johari  (93%)  –  Really good result, Ning.  Keep it up!

2.   Kristine Alexandra Ligunjang  (90%)  –  Wow!

3.   Nicole Kelsie Justin  (80%)  –  Get A1 for SPM, ok?

4.   Mas Nadiana Eshaap  (77%)

5.   Brandon Soh  (76%)

6.   Yasmin Shukrina Mohd. Norazlan  (75%)  –  On the right track, Yasmin! 

7.   Elvin Wong Vun Shen  (73%)

       Joanne Johnson  (73%)

8.   Adib Othman  (69%)  –  See, you can make it, Adib.

9.   Nur Farahain Ismail  (68%)

       Shanu Gnanasegaran  (68%)

10. Syazwi Asli  (66%)

11. Nuramirah Syahirah Rizalman  (65%)

12. Mohd. Razdan Hattah Jaafar  (62%)

13. Mohd. Nazrin Serin  (58%)

14. Wong Chu Ting  (56%)

15. Dk Effanoorassana Pg Badaruden  (54%) –  You can make it too, Efa.

16. Cassondraizzati Arby  (53%)

       Kimberley Yapp Kim Yi  (53%)

17. Mazree Ahamad Mahamood Ahamad  (52%)

18. Hajar Zunnur Raihan Bt. Sabtu  (51%)

       Nur Mazshurie Abdul Razak  (51%)

19. Nur Sofea Eleena Madzzaini  (47%)

20. Faiz Syafiq Liasmat  (42%)

       Puteri Amirah Shafiqah Sukkuriya  (42%)

21. Nur Fatehah Shauqi  (41%) – Nice to see your name appeared here, Fatehah.

22. Nur Aziera Omar  (40%)

Congratulations to those who have passed.  To those who did not make it this time, please do not give up.  We still have a little bit of time to overcome the weaknesses.

In our next class until our very last class, you all are going to do focused and individual exercises – just to overcome your very own weaknessess.  Sorry, you are not allowed to relax until the SPM examination is over ;-).



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  1. Oo my god!! sy lulus!! aLhaMduliLlah..thaNx 4 evRythiNg cEgu!!!! cKgu rAinuL d bEz!!!!

  2. now aim for A1 HzR

  3. i wilL!!!! juz see…heee…..

  4. Happy for passing ur paper but sad for cant make it more than 50 marks.. So sorry tcher.. I’ll try my best for the next big exam.. Wish me luck tr.. 🙂

  5. YEAY ! I didnt fail my addmaths this time. well, 42 is alot more than 7. sheesh -.- well i hope i can atleast excel it for my spm! Thanks teacher ;D

    Congratulations 5 Makmur (:

  6. hehe, alright teacher ! Learnt my lesson 😀 and it is very difficult to score ! Will be working much more harder than my previous ones. thanks again 🙂

    • hehe..thanx teacher 4 everythg…
      i am very happy being in top 10..
      haha..eventhough the last person….
      but my dream come true.!!!
      i believe in miracle……thanks sir..you the great…

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