Excellent Performance By 4 Makmureans

Dear 4 Makmureans,

I am very happy with your Add Maths performance in your Ujian Setara 2 – excellent result.  And Shauni Chong has set a new record for the class.  Here are the students who got the marks above 60% :

1.  Shauni Chong   (99%)

2.  Jason Lo   (89%)

     Nurfarhani Asli   (89%)

3.  Raihana Farahiyah   (83%)

4.  Tan Yuen Shi   (79%)

5.  Christine Hsu   (73%)

6.  Munirah   (64%)

7.  Bernadette Leong   (63%)

     Daniel Soh   (63%)

     Gooi Zhen Zhong   (63%)

8.  Jessmeen Peterina   (61%)

     Muhamad Nurarif   (61%)

Congratulations!  We will discuss the paper in our t&l on Tuesday, 11th August 2009.

And…… I will upload your next assignment on differentiation by tomorrow, 9th August 2009.   We have to move on.  The struggle has to continue!



Posted on August 8, 2009, in Matematik Tambahan. Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. wah!!! so shocking….Shauni get 99%…REALLY SHocking!!!!!

  2. what the heck???it just Shauni had an electric shock?Is she a Human Or Something else…hehehe.by the way,congrats……

  3. bukan manusia tu….hehehe.

  4. dun say like tat bha >.<

  5. hehehe..yes yes guest. It’s just an expression…^^

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