5 Makmureans ‘Collapsed’ By Vectors

After a fine run in the first two tests, at last, the 5 Makmureans met ‘the killer’ topic.  Only 12 of you passed the third short test regarding vectors :

1.  Azrina Hj. Johari   (80%)

     Yasmin Shukrina Mohd. Norazlan   (80%)

2.  Nur Sofea Eleena   (76%)

3.  Kimberley Yapp   (64%)

4.  Elvin Wong   (60%)

5.  Mas Nadiana Eshaap   (56%)

6.  Nur Farahain Ismail   (52%)

7.  Brandon Soh   (48%)

      Mazree Ahamad   (48%)

      Mohd. Nazrin Serin   (48%)

8.  Mohd. Razdan   (44%)

      Shanu  (44%)   

For sure this topic will be asked in your SPM examination.  So, you should know what should you do now, 5 Makmureans!

Attached here is the answer scheme for the test.  Please download.

Answer Scheme For Short Test 3 – Vectors.



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