Mathematical Challenge

A good friend of mine sent me an email, challenged me to solve a mathematical problem.  She said that  if you’re an engineer, you should be able to solve it in (under) three minutes (more like 30 seconds). If you’re an architect, in three hours.  If you’re a doctor, in six hours.  If you’re an accountant, in three months and if you’re a lawyer, probably never.  Well, if you think you are good at maths or logical problems, here is this challenge : 


What is the missing number in this logical series :
 1, 2, 6, 42, 1806, ____?


I replied her with my answer and my answer was confirmed correct.  Hmm!  With the disturbing surrounding (hehe),  I managed to solve it in less than one minute.  How about you?  🙂



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  1. is fun..i hv the ans like teacher less than a minute..i hope is correct..3263442..hehe

  2. guesty guest ~!

    yeah yeah ! i got it in 1 sec xD ahahahaha !

  3. how to do this?

  4. i also got less than a minute bha..kira pakai handphone lg… hehe :p

  5. the solution is as follows:

    the series starts with i
    the next figure would be i(i+1)
    assume i(i+1) = z
    the next figure would be z(z+1)
    assume z(z+1) = y
    the next figure would be y(y+1)
    and so on…

    i dunno how to put it in a simpler way… but it’s fun!

    • Azlan, you got the idea, but your explanation…hehe…maybe will be understood easily by maths teachers and engineers only…hehe…a lot of variables, assumptions and theories. Others need more time to understand it. Mathematicians and engineers always can solve maths problems…no doubt about it. But in terms of explaning the solutions, maths teachers always do better because explaning is teaching, and teaching is a profession. Meaning, teaching needs training and maths teachers are trained to explain.

      You are engineer to be, Azlan. So don’t worry if you couldn’t put it in a simpler way. The most important thing is you got the answer. Good on you, Azlan :-).

      • whats an i? i havent learnt that yet in my mathematic lvl.. is it learn in for 4 n 5??
        i(i+1) = z ?? loll… 1+i = 1+i? i learnt it in algebraic expression? hehe
        i cant be added to 1, its not the same unit XD <stoopyd joke

  6. 1806(1806+1) = 3263442

  7. is the answer 3263442?

  8. lol.. i got that in less than a min…

  9. sir…can u tell me how to solve this question….how to get an answers?

  10. nvm la sir…i get the solution already…hehe….

  11. 1806 x 1807 cikgu!

  12. Lost in Numbers

    I’m so blurr… perhaps i’m going to be a lawyer? hahaha

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