5M : The Girls Rule (Again)

Dear 5 Makmureans,

I have finished marking your Short Test 1.  Stunning result from the girls – Ning, Nicole, Fryen and Efa who managed to score a perfect 100%.  Ya, it is not impossible to get 100% in Add Maths.

Students who have passed the test are :

1     Azrina Hj. Johari   (100%)

       Dk. Effanoorassana Ag. Badaruden   (100%)

       Nicole Kelsie Justin   (100%)

       Nur Farahain Ismail   (100%)

2     Adib Othman   (87%)

       Elvin Wong   (87%)

       Mas Nadiana Eshaap   (87%)

       Yasmin Shukrina Mohd. Norazlan   (87%)

3     Faiz Syafiq Liasmat   (73%)

       Mazree Ahamad   (73%)

4     Nuramirah Syahirah   (67%)

       Nur Aziera Omar   (67%)

5     Wong Chu Ting   (60%)

6     Joanne Johnson   (53%)

       Syazwi Asli   (53%)

7     Kimberley Yapp Kim Yi   (47%)

8     Nur Mazshurie Abd. Radzak   (40%)

I am happy to see that Ning is flying higher, Nicole and Nur Farahain are back on the track while Efa starts to show her true colour.  Good on you, Efa.  The rest did well too.  Congratulations!

To those who did not make it, please take appropriate actions immediately.  Must try harder and do not give up.  More short tests to come.  Please take them seriously as the tests are good for your preparation for SPM.

Attached here is the solution for the test.  Please download and study the solution carefully.

Solution For Short Test 1 : Integration.



Posted on July 3, 2009, in Matematik Tambahan. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. wahhh~
    cayalah anak murid cikgu!

  2. as usual ning n nicole rule the subject….bila la masa aku…hehehe

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