Getting To Know The Circles

Do you know the names of the parts of a circle?  Let’s verify your knowledge 🙂


circumference, centre, radius

Circumference of a circle is its distance around the circle.  It is also the perimeter of the circle.

Centre is in the centre of a circle.  The distance from this point to any other point on the circumference is the same.

The distance from the centre to any point on the circumference is called the radius.



diameter, chord

 A chord is a straight line joining two points on the circumference.

Diameter is longest chord in a circle, passes through the centre of the circle and joins two points on the circumference.






Part of a circumference of a circle is known as an arc. The shorter one is called the minor arc while the longer arc is called the major arc.






A segment of a circle is the region enclosed by an arc and a chord of the circle. The larger segment is called the major segment while the smaller one is the minor segment.






A sector is a region enclosed by two radii and an arc. The smaller sector is called the minor sector while the larger one is called a major sector.





tangent, secant


The line is called a tangent if that straight line and a circle have only one point of contact. A tangent is always perpendicular to the radius drawn to the point of contact.

secant is a straight line cutting at two distinct points on the circumference of the circle.



  Well, is everything verified?  🙂



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