4M : Statistics Assignment

Dear 4 Makmureans,

Your statistics assignment is ready for you.  Please download.  It is due on Tuesday, 30th June 2009.  Thank you.

Statistics Assignment.



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  1. knpa perlu pakai internet????
    consider la dengan student yang tak da internet, bru nie saya tengok cikgu pemalas mcm awak, sekolah lain semua pakai hand by hand….awk nie, hai2…pemalas betul….

  2. who are u to complain ? if the student doesnt hav internet he can see sir and ask for a copy ! simple and easy ! sekolah lain ma :O TIS IS MAKTAB AND WERE OWEZ 1 STEP AHEAD 😀

  3. uiseh. punya smart point of argument. knp kita pakai kereta? knp mau air cond suma? afrika, ethiopia, jalan kaki jak. mkn sekali sehari. panas terik pasrah jak. ini la ni manusia skrg, ckp jak lebih. hipokrit. kami ada kemudahan, pakai la. yg teda internet mmg cikgu bg copy. tlg fikir sblm ckp. terima kasih.

  4. Hey alageduk!

    Who are you to judge a teacher??? If you are going to complain, I bet that YOU are more of a PEMALAS! to download his assignments!

    If you are a Sabah Collegian, YOU would not say this statement CAUSE SABAH COLLEGE is ALWAYS ONE STEP AHEAD just as iLOVEcats wrote.
    If YOU say he is such a pemalas, then DON’T download HIS WORKS!!!

    Why ARE YOU even bothering to write in this comment box! If you are a student, then don’t be in Sabah College OR if you are a student from Other schools, why are you going to hi web then?

    This assignment through the internet is WAY better!
    If you are absent in school while the teacher is handing out the assignments and also, it is due on the next lesson( which is in 2 days!). HOW ARE YOU GOING TO GET THE WORKS???
    It’ll be worst if it is in a HOLIDAY!!! THINK LAH! The school is going through a new era…

  5. Akanari Kirira

    yeah! i agree. So, dont be a brat and appreciate teacher’s effort. Teacher is really hardworking to have helped us to find all these good questions!! If its so hard, then dont do the assignments then and if you really are a 4 Makmurean, you wont be that bratty!!

    I have to agree with the others….seriously, I think u juz dont want to tell people you dont have a computer! Are you embarass or something?

    Second, I think it’s really stupid for you to complain CIKGU RAINUL…. did you really think he is a pemalas?! Cikgu RAINUL is the best teacher in our class… He gives us homework and assignments so that we can do much better you IDIOT!!!! I think you already know how many students in our class failed +M3…

    I like the idea of Cikgu Rainul having our assignments on the internet… If we lost the papers, we could just print another…DUH!!! Also, in Uni…you must have a laptop because our assignments will also be… You guess it… On the INTERNET!!!! The teacher won’t handout the assignment coz you’ll never see him in person! He’ll just open up MSN/Yahoo?Skype/etc….

    In the end, DON’T EVER COMPLAIN, CRITIC or whatever at Cikgu Rainul….coz you won’t stand a chance to win anyway….

  7. king aritz zawa


    mmg ar pkai interrrnet.kta kna world-wide skit.be international man!!jgn mcm KODOK bwh tmpurung!ketinggalan zaman!!lu pikir ni zaman flinstone kar??kalu fikir pun malas ak xtau lar.lu pikir sndri!!

  8. terima kasih kat cikgu rainul sebab saya cikgu kat sekolah lain pun boleh download.

    kalau orang macam saya baru boleh dikatakan pemalas sebab download kat internet aje kejenye…hehehe

    • Terima kasih atas sokongan, cikgu. Mencari bahan di internet dan download bahan merupakan satu kerajinan juga cikgu. 🙂

  9. hoi alageduk !!!

    bgi comment rajin plak.. kolotnye pemikiran lu nie.. lu dri zaman batu ke smpai takde internet pun nk komplen??! ape gna cyber huh.. sye tgk, student2 yg takde internet, dorang mntak tlong cg printkn, cikgu rainul x marah pun.. ke lu malu nk mengaku lu takde internet?? ade yg takde internet, print kat cc, xde problm pun..

    inilaa kmudhn yg ada pd zaman maju nie.. lu nie org yg mundur kot.. kalau mmg btul laa lu x stuju yg cikgu rainul bgi krja gna internet, ckp sndri laa depan2 cikgu.. apa gna cmment kat blog nie je?? why, x brani?!! huh, kalau nk lulus +m3 tym spm nnt, i think u better say sorry to him.. mengaku laa kat cikgu yg lu dh kurang ajar kat cikgu dengan mengatakan cikgu nie pemalas.. think about it.. kerana mulut badan binasa..

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