Why Is It 24 Hours In A Day?

24 hour clock 1

Have you been wondering why do we have 24 hours in a day? Why not 25 hours? Or just 10 hours in a day?

Emm! Maybe to your surprise, we use 24 hours in a day because the Egyptians did.  The Egyptians invented the 24-hour-day long time ago, and we have used it ever since until now.

As a matter of fact, actually the Egyptians thought of it as two twelves.  That is,  twelve hours of daytime, and twelve hours of night time.  They divided the day into ten hours, and then added one hour for the dawn and another one hour for the dusk, making twelve hours all together.  Just to make it even,  the Egyptians gave the same number of hours to the night.

For the ancient Egyptians, they began and ended their day at midnight, just like us now.  The Greeks began their day at sunrise.  And for Muslims, until now, the new day begins at sunset.

Reference : Mathemagic



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