5M : Correction – Question 4 Holiday Assignment

Dear 5 Makmureans,

I have made typing errors in question 4 (mid year holiday assignment).  Please download the corrected one.  Sorry.  The answers remain the same.

Correction – Q4



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  1. nasib ada slh. sy igt , sy yang x dpt buat. ahaha. thanks cikgu.

  2. teacher, i still cannot do o this question.

    i got this equation;

    -(x-2p)^2 + 7p^2 – 4
    Then I substitute 7p^2-4 = k^2 – 4k

    But still cant get the answer. 😦

    and for question 8(b)(i) right teacher, how can i abtain the ratio? should i use the distance formula?

    • Dear Ning,

      Your equation is wrong. After completing the square, you should get -(x-2p)^2 + p^2 – 4. Please check your positive and negative signs in doing completing the square. Try again for the second time ok. If you still get the wrong equation, will show you the solution.

      For Q8(b)(i), use the formula “A point dividing a segment of a line” – the formula that got the ratio m and n :-).

  3. sir, i get the eqn of -(x-2p)^2+p^2-4 but i dont know how 2 do it.
    wat is meant by max. value is 4k-k^2?
    is it like a point of coordnte like (4k,-k^2)?

    • Dear sKyEb,

      From the equation -(x-2p)^2 + p^2 – 4, the part p^2 – 4 is actually your maximum value.

      Also given that k^2 – 4k is your maximum value (you didn’t take the corrected one).

      Meaning, p^2 – 4 = k ^2 – 4k. From this equation, make p as your subject so that you can show that p = k – 2.

  4. oo ….
    okay i undrstnd.. thnx teacher.

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