5M : Your Result

Dear 5 Makmureans,

Here are the top ten scorers for your Add Maths Mid Year Examination :

1.  Azrina Hj. Johari   –   140/170

2.  Mas Nadiana Eshaap   –   118/170

3.  Yasmin Syukrina   –   116/170

4.  Nicole Kelsie Justin   –  115/170

5.  Nuramirah Syahirah   –   105/170

6.  Elvin Wong   –   100/170

7.  Nur Farahain Ismail   –   97/170

8.  Brandon Soh   –   94/170

9.  Mohd. Razdan   –   91/170

10. Wong Chu Ting  –  86/170

Congratulations!  But still need to work harder as more than 50% failed the examination.  Will discuss both papers in our next p&p.



Posted on May 24, 2009, in Matematik Tambahan. Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. im sooo soorrryyy teacher…
    will try harder next time..

  2. Thanks teacher. But still need to work harder. T.T

  3. i thought i’ll fail.
    is not good but its okay.
    gotta work harder next time.

  4. next time have to beat ning agen
    well, when there’s a will, there’s a way aight?

  5. kmu champin ar..

  6. haha… ya oo.
    as i thought…
    im in top 5 at ujian setara 1 is only a luck..

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