5M Add Maths Junior Tutors

The following are 5 Makmur Additional Mathematics junior tutors :




  Nicole Kelsie Justin







  Mohd. Razdan Hattah Jaafar







  Joanne Johnson








  Nur Farahain binti Ismail







  Elvin Wong Vun Shen




Congratulation for being selected.  Hope this appointment will encourage you  to work even harder.

Not to forget, congratulation to all junior tutors for other subjects too.  Last but not least,  congratulation to Azrina Hj. Johari (5 Makmur) for being chosen as a junior tutor for three subjects.

4 Makmur Additional Mathematics junior tutors will be announced after the list I have submitted is confirmed by the teacher incharged.



Posted on April 4, 2009, in Matematik Tambahan. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. InF|n|Ty^[RaZz]

    change pic =.= change pic …. WAKAKAKAKA lolz tq brandon for those pants ~! =]

  2. hahaha. thanks teacher.
    LOL! where did teacher get raz’s pic. SO CUTE OH!!!!

  3. awww…razdan picture so cuteee. ahaha

  4. hahah ! razdan got stalked ! hahaha 🙂 muka si nicole gila tegak niee. hahah

  5. aiyar.. so ugly me in d pic..
    thnx anyway tchr!
    i wil try my best
    even though im not gud in teaching
    cute owh razdan in d pic~!

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