I am going offline from  8th March 2009 (6.00 pm) until 10th March 2009 (3.30 am).  Won’t be any updates during that time. InsyaAllah, will be back after that.


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  1. Ameline Dompok

    Hi tcer. hehe. dropping by to wish tcer Happy Birthday. there is nothing i can give to tcer that can ever repay those days tcer had always help me especially with my studies. i want to let tcer know that i have never forgotten about u. may tcer always be blessed with good health and happiness. and tcer must always be happy k. miss talking with tcer. 🙂 take care.

    • Thank you, Ameline :-). How are you? So surprise to meet you here. I miss you and the rest too. Still keep your number – the one you gave me in 2007 :-). Thanks for everything, Ameline.

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