4 Makmur : Your result

Dear 4 Makmur students,

53% survived the Add Maths Ujian Setara 1 – the first test for this subject.  Among the top scorers are :

  1. Nurfarhani Asli  (82% – 1A)
  2. Jasan Lo  AND   Muhamad Nurarif  (76% – 2A)
  3. Raihana Farahiyah  (72% – 3B)
  4. Daniel Soh  (70% – 3B)
  5. Shauni Chong  AND  Yazmin Luqman  (68%)
  6. Christine Hsu  AND  Mohd. Amier Hisham  (66%)
  7. Jessmeen Peterina Samson Ekol  (60%)

Congratulation!  Will discuss your strengths and weaknesses in our next p&p.  Don’t worry too much as this is your first test.  But really need to work harder and change your strategy.



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  1. InF|n|Ty^[RaZz]


  2. Congrats to everyone…

  3. InF|n|Ty^[RaZz]

    the first is always the hardest =]

  4. omg.. congratez everyone.. test’s over.. got to get ready for next exam.. T_T

  5. haha true

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