Good result, 5 Makmur!

Dear 5 Makmur students,

Congratulation! Your result for Add Maths Ujian Setara 1 is very encouraging. 33% got A (1A and 2A) for the test and 79% passed this subject. 

The students who got A are :

  1. Azrina Hj. Johari  AND  Nicole Kelsie Justin  (93%)
  2. Joanne Johnson  AND  Nur Farahain Ismail  (87%)
  3. Mohd. Razdan Hattah  (86%)
  4. Brandon Soh  (84%)
  5. Adib bin Othman  AND  Wong Chu Ting  (83%)
  6. Mas Nadiana Eshaap  (81%)
  7. Elvin Wong  (80%)
  8. Yasmin Shukrina Mohd. Norazlan  (79%)
  9. Nuramirah Syahirah  (77%)
  10. Mohd. Nazrin  Serin  (76%)

To those who didn’t make it this time,  don’t give up and please work harder.  The day will come when all those hard works pay off.



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  1. omg..i just score 80 for my +maths..huhu..i nid 2 work harder..


  3. isk. el, atleast an A ba! wee, A. happy oowh. wahaha

  4. el, ok bha tue..
    ko neyh… cm inda ok ja dgr..
    i noe y ning is sooooo hepy
    cuz she’s finally on top agen~
    i will beat u next time!
    gotta work harder..
    i nid d rm50..
    congratz amie!

  5. ahaha..i wan 2 get no1 oso bh lyk ning n out,i wil beat u 2 in de mid yr exam..ahahaha..:PP

  6. im n top 5?
    i guess im only lucky..

  7. HAIYO! HMMPH!!!
    tak main la beat2 nie..hahaha…
    as long as I get 90, IM SUPER ULTRA HAPPY!!! and grateful….:)))))))
    Haiyo el…Sabar la bha..
    OK BHA. beat beat org. sooo sedih…..

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