Upper 6 Science : Top 5 scorers for Maths T Paper 1 Ujian Setara 1

Dear Upper 6 Science students,

Here are the top 5 scorers for Maths T Paper 1 Ujian Setara 1 :

  1. Chan Chun Kiat (35/50)
  2. Chia Fah Li (33/50)
  3. Nurhuda Abdullah (27/50)
  4. Edzhar Fariz AND Chung Chee Woon (24/50)
  5. Lo Yueh Yea @ Janice (23/50)

Congratulation!  The result shows that it is not impossible to pass this subject as long as you work hard, pay full attention in the class, participate in our discussion and do all the given exercises according to the schedule.  Some of you really show a tremedous improvement in this test.  Actually, 5 out of 8 of those questions are from past STPM examination questions.

To those who didn’t make it this time, don’t give up.  Another 8 months to go to overcome your weaknesses.  Use your time wisely and study effectively.  Your chance is still wide open.  Help each other and I am always here to assist you.

Work harder and for sure you will be one of the glittering stars for this subject  🙂



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  1. Chan Chun Kiat

    Thanks for the information, i like my name appear on the net =) Haha… Thank you, I’ll promise to work harder so that my name can appear frequently.. Anyway, both Mr.Rainul and Mr.Ting are great and patience enough to teach. Yea, i admit, sometime its a burden to get too much homework. But i’m happy to see my result… Thank you.

    Best Wish
    Chan C.K.
    Your 2009, U6S student =)

  2. sorry i was absent when the test. i wan to get good grade in math but seems to have trouble understanding it. i hope teacher not mad if i keep asking stupid question. mainly becuz i juz dont understand.. hehe

    i promise will study hard n let u see my result later k 🙂

    • That is the spirit I want to see :-). Don’t worry about asking stupid questions. As long as you are serious, for me, there is no stupid question. I am so happy to answer questions from students because that is part of my job as a teacher. So, keep asking :-D.

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